Please make sure you use the bootstrap for your wallet version. You can check wallet version in Tools > Information (GUI) or with "getnetworkinfo" in Debug Console or raptoreum-cli.

Staring at versions you also have the option to bootstrap using only powcache.dat which is also supplied on this page. Bootstrapping using powcache.dat may be faster for some people, especially those with slower connection speeds.

There is a video guide on how to bootstrap here:

Bootstraps For v1.3.17.00-01

Bootstraps For v1.3.17.02RC

Note: At this time you should only be using v1.3.17.02 on mainnet if you like living dangerously, it is not yet a production release!


Testnet Bootstraps


You should make a habit of verifying files have not been modified using the supplied checksums. Checksums now live on our secure checksum server here:

How To Verify Bootstrap Download With Checksums (Windows)

1.) Go to and click on bootstrap-checksums.txt, or right click and save it.

2.) Navigate to the bootstrap file and press shift + right click > open terminal or powershell.

3.) In terminal type: certutil -hashfile SHA256 (adjust name as needed)

4.) Compare the returned hash to what is shown in the checksums file, they should match exactly.

rtm checksum check


How To Verify Bootstrap Download With Checksums (Linux / Mac)

The process is nearly the same as windows, the command just changes a little.

1.) Open a terminal

2.) Use command: sha256sum

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